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What does the Dutch Cultural Media Fund do?
The fund promotes the development and production of high-quality artistic programmes by the national and regional public broadcasting corporations. The fund provides more than 16 million euros in subsidies annually for radio- and television programmes in the following fields: drama, documentary, feature film, youth, new media and performing arts. The fund also stimulates new genres, like video clips and games in collaboration with other organizations and funds.

Who can apply for subsidy from the fund?
The fund distinguishes between development and production subsidies. Production subsidies can only be applied for by a public broadcasting corporation. Development subsidies can also be requested by - for example - producers. However, their application must have the backing of a broadcasting company.

Which requirements must a subsidy application comply with?
The subsidy application must, among other things, consist of a clear plan outlining what the maker wants to communicate and how he/she intends to realize this. The application will be judged according to the plan’s artistic merit. In this respect the authorship of the maker is important; what is the maker’s personal vision regarding his/her subject?
Attention is paid to different aspects relevant to each particular medium. In the case of television productions, emphasis is placed on visual design and cinematographic translation of the central idea. Audio arrangements are important to radio, whereas new media are evaluated on the basis of their design and interaction with the public. Previous works by the makers also plays a role in the evaluation.

Who decides, and how, which projects receive funding?
The fund seeks advice from people in the professional field and to that end disposes over a pool of advisors. This pool consists of directors, documentary makers, dramaturges, makers, of radio choreographers and specialists in the field of new media; the fund also consults with experts in general like journalists, philosophers and scientists. In committees of variable composition, an average of five advisors with diverse backgrounds discusses the submitted applications. These committees advise the board of the fund on which projects should receive funding. The final decision is taken by the board.

What other activities does the fund undertake in addition to subsidizing projects?
The fund organizes various activities in the area of quality improvement and talent development. Examples of this are the granting of prizes, the (co-) organization of master classes, workshops and conferences and the evaluation of programmes that were realized with a subsidy. With regard to these activities the Dutch Cultural Media Fund works closely with, among others, broadcasting corporations, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Sandberg Institute (master of the Rietveld Art Academy), the Cinekid festival, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Mondriaan Fund).

How can the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund help fledgling makers?
New talent is welcome! New filmmaking artists can apply for a subsidy. In addition, many of the fund’s activities are aimed at young creative artists, like the IDFA documentary workshop, the scenario workshop Nu of Nooit! and the Kids & Docs project. See the website for more information, where you can also subscribe to our newsletter (in Dutch!). Furthermore, you can find a summary of all projects that have received funding in the past.

Facts & Figures
* Total subsidy granted in 2012: over € 16 million
* Number of advisors: 120
* Number of Dutch Cultural Media Fund staff members: 14